Rs.1,699.00 from Rs.1,019.40


Rs.1,699.00 from Rs.1,019.40


Rs.1,699.00 from Rs.1,019.40


Rs.1,599.00 from Rs.799.50


Rs.1,699.00 from Rs.849.50

Imperial Voyage

Rs.1,699.00 from Rs.849.50


Rs.1,790.00 from Rs.895.00


Rs.1,899.00 from Rs.949.50


Rs.1,679.00 from Rs.839.50


Rs.1,889.00 from Rs.944.50

Oriental Toile

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Rs.2,299.00 from Rs.1,149.50

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Luxury Bedding Collection – Mixing Luxury with Comfort

When it comes to bedding, there is no better combination then elegant luxury looks and the fluffiest comfortable feel. Proper Luxury Bed Sheets are not only hard to find, they also come at a price that most of us don’t want to pay for bedding products. Luxury Bed  Sheet Design makes the whole bed space and the bedroom along with it look much more elegant and brings the optimal level of comfort to the bedding experience. The fine finish of the Luxury Bed Sheets is what separates them from the average casual or formal ones. The design of the Luxury Bedding collection is finished with the highest level of detail and provides the maximum amount of comfort at the same time.

When you want Luxury Bed Sheets and other related bedding products, you are really looking to enhance the elegant look of the entire bedroom in a way that the whole layout looks symmetrical and there is nothing that feels out of place or too punchy. The Bed Sheet Design has to complement the rest of the bedroom layout and enhance to look significantly. At Khas we admire the impact Luxury Bed Sheets and other bedding products have on the look and layout of the entire bedroom and design our products accordingly. The design prints and embroidery on our Luxury collection is the best you can find in the market and the prints are crafted in the most detailed format possible ensuring a really elegant and luxury look. On top of that we ensure that all products in the Bed Sheet range are manufactured with the highest level of raw materials quality, which also makes sure they provide the most comfortable feel on the skin and you will want to sync in your bed every time you are close to it. Our premium Bed Sheets treat comfort at the same level they treat elegant looks and there are no compromises at all in any aspects of manufacturing. We incorporate the finest Bed Sheet Design choices on our products making sure they are the most unique and desirable range of Bed Sheets and other bedding products in the market. KhasStores offer their superior Luxury collection at the most competitive market prices, we believe in providing superior products and services at prices that will not set you back a great deal and we aim to make our luxury products accessible for most people.

Traditional ways of shopping for Luxury Bed Sheets required customers to travel to stores and shopping malls, KhasStores have introduced their superior Online Shopping in Pakistan service for all our products. In Khas cities on bedding products we have made the Online Shopping experience even more pleasurable by providing free of cost delivery without any strings attached. The rest of the country can also enjoy the benefits of our Online Shopping experience at only a fraction of the cost other brands are charging for much less friendly and accurate service. We aim to please our customers and achieve the highest level of satisfaction in the process.