Your clothing defines your style and thinking. For daily productivity, business owners want a welcoming and beautiful living environment. Your home reflects your accurate outlook on and ideals in life. If we talk about using towels, KHAS always suggests you use only high-quality towels in your bathroom, which should be kept tidy and hygienic. By treating yourself to lovely bathing items, adopt healthy bathing practices. Online Shopping in Pakistan for towels is best at our store.

At KHAS, find solid, delicate, and soft bath towels while wanting to adorn your bathroom. KHAS’s towels to enchant your home are attractive, slender, lightweight, and absorbent if you need assistance making a choice. These towels are an excellent option for your bathroom because of their unique features. When choosing your bath, hand, and face, towels.  The material is essential. You need to carefully consider this factor before making your choice.

The majority of people choose pure cotton towels of the highest caliber. You will feel luxury and comfort thanks to the soft cotton material towels presented by KHAS. These towels have smooth cotton strands. The fluffy towels with distinctive designs might improve your life.

Why Only KHAS’s Towels Collection to Buy Online

Selecting the perfect online towel collection are complex because only some, like the KHAS towel collection, will meet your needs. You may choose the best one by considering the following factors, making the process easier. Here, we will explain why our towels collection is the best to purchase.

Just as while to use for bathing or taking a shower, solid, comfortable, and best-quality made towels should be felt while drying off with a soft, plush bath towel. If towels are overly thin, drying off may feel scratchy, similar to using sandpaper. If you want the spa experience, use our heavy towels over light ones that are still comfortable. Only in the realm of fantasy do these towels exist. Here are a few essential factors on which our quality and production team keeps focusing on delivering the best product to its customers.


Testing is necessary to determine a towel's absorbency. A towel's weight and material makeup can, to some extent, reflect its absorbency. A towel won't be able to absorb as much moisture if it is too light or thin. KHAS’s best towels for drinking liquids are heavy and thick. Our towel sets made of Egyptian or Pima cotton and cotton-rayon mixes frequently absorb more liquid than similar sets made of standard cotton.


Towel Collections From KHAS Stores

Between 300 and 900 grams per square meter (GSM) is a typical towel weight. Between 400 and 600 grams is the average weight per square meter of medium-weight towels. We at KHAS Stores keenly observed the right weight, and our towels typically have this weight to give you the best material for use. The plushest and most absorbent alternative on the market is a luxury towel with a GSM of 500 to 550. Grams per square meter (GSM) is the unit of weight used to describe towels. The only real drawbacks, as a result, are longer drying times and higher costs.

Length / Dimensions

Genuinely the towels must be big enough to cover your entire body. 52 to 58 inches long and 27 to 30 inches wide are normal dimensions for bathroom towels. Typically, bath towels and sheets are between 60 and 70 inches long and 35 to 45 inches wide, giving them a more sumptuous appearance. Pay more attention to the proportions when buying a towel online because you cannot touch or feel it. KHAS offers you a Face Towel Size: of 50X100C, a Bath Towel Size: of 70X140C, and a Bath Sheet Size: of 90X150C.

Aesthetic Appearance

KHAS’s towels serve a purpose, but that doesn't mean they can't be stylish. A premium towel collection should not only feel wonderful against your skin but also look magnificent to make you feel pampered each time you use it.

 Using some plush towels, you can make out that you're in a five-star resort. We at KHAS recommend basic towel sets if you want to convey a sense of luxury but feel free to choose a style that suits your preferences. Any bathroom looks elegant when white, blue, and essential brown washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels are used. Give your bathroom a dash of modern elegance by using striped towels.

In A Nut Shell

The most important considerations to remember while selecting towels for your home are those mentioned above. The things in your home will impact your general well-being and productivity. You can enhance the pampering you receive daily by using our soft and plentiful towels from the online store in Pakistan at KHAS. Use a striking, fluffy towel set to update your bathroom's decor. You will feel unique and stylish throughout your daily routine using high-quality bath towels. Cotton towels have the extraordinary property of improving and becoming more absorbent with each wash. This is a start in the right way since you need to take the best possible care of yourself.