Rs.3,799.00 Rs.3,039.20


Rs.3,799.00 Rs.3,039.20


Rs.3,799.00 Rs.3,039.20

Men’s Waistcoats – Simplicity in Luxury

Gone are the days when men used to be not so much into fashion and only used to wear simple plain dresses at either formal or casual events. The modern fashion centric men of Pakistan demand the most fashionable clothing with an attractive and appropriate style. Men are not far behind women in the modern day and satisfying their fashion and comfort needs is a top priority at Khas. Men Waistcoats are an essential necessity for most men at the most formal events and occasions because of the added classiness and glamor feel they offer when worn with appropriate Kurta or Salwar Kameez.

Waistcoats for Kurta are probably the best add-ons men can use for special formal events. The Waistcoat complements the sawlar kameez or kurta in the most attractive way while making the wearer look classy and handsome. In the modern fashionable environment especially on occasions like wedding parties the Waistcoat for Weddings has become one of the most desirable item for men who like to wear kurta or salwar kameez on the event. Not only does the Waistcoats by Khas look tremendously fashionable and glamorous but they also offer functionality with the added pockets they have for keeping precious belongings including mobile phones and wallets. These Waistcoat Styles of handsomeness and functionality especially considering the shortage of pocket spaces on kurta and kameez make them much more desirable for the modern men of Pakistan.

Men’s Waistcoats are simple but elegant and luxurious at the same time. Their design and color has to be either matched or contrasted with the Kurta or Salwar Kameez. At Khas we realize the special need of glamorous look and modern style associated with Waistcoats for Kurta and we design our products in order to fulfil both the basic needs for them. The fit and finish or the Waistcoats by Khas are second to none, you just need to match them or contrast them with the color or your Khas Kurta or Salwar Kameez and they will enhance the look manifolds and make you look the most handsome in any formal event that you find yourself in. Our Waistcoat Styles will make you look unique and provide you with the desirable level of comfort the same time.

The Men Waistcoats from Khas are made from the most durable material, ensuring they will last you very long while still keeping their shine and superior finish. Whether you choose Waistcoat for Weddings or any other occasion, our superior quality and industry leading stitching abilities will make you proud of your decision of buying your desired Waistcoat from us. We have many design and color options in our Waistcoat collection, so whether you have a light colored kurta or sawlar kameez that you are planning to wear the Waistcoat with or a dark one, our wide selection will surely provide you with one that looks and fits perfectly and will make you look the most handsome and attractive in the whole crowd. Our top priority is to make you stand out from the crowd.