Discover the Possibilities for Home Renewal at KHAS Online Store

Discover the Possibilities for Home Renewal at KHAS Online Store

The way we are living today is so rapid that our homes become a place where we can find a feeling of harmony, peace, and a sense of being accepted. For people who have just moved to a new place or those who want to give a new, fresh look to the existing one, the choice of home renovation possibilities is unlimited. 

At KHAS online store, we comprehend the facility to create a comfortable place together with finding the stylish lifestyle product that meets your taste and lifestyle. We have a variety of wonderful products such as bed basics, kitchen linen, and baby bedding sets, Our online store has everything that you need to keep your house running smoothly.

Elevate Your Sleep Experience:

Your bedroom should be a calm and peaceful space where you can relax and recharge your energy. The right choice of bed basics online or even from stores locators can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. At KHAS, we have a vast collection of the best bed basics online which are perfect to use, there is something for everyone, they are designed to provide the most adequate level of comfort, durability, and good looks to the room. We provide an entire bedding line products for you to select from.

Bed Sheets Sets:

The bed sheet set, bedspreads, and bed sets we have developed are made of the finest materials, thus ensuring a soft and gentle touch on your skin. These bed sheets are available in a range of colors, patterns as well as sizes and can entirely blend in with your bedroom decor. Whether you are a follower of the conventional white cotton sheets or prefer the lively energy of beautiful printed patterns, KHAS introduces all types of white cotton sheet varieties that can suit your style.

Comforters and Quilt Covers:

One of the most important parts of a good night's sleep is to experience the warmness and coziness of a comforter or a quilt cover. We have products such as comforters and quilt covers, which are especially designed to keep you warm in the cold days of winter yet are very breathable in the summer. Hypoallergenic fillings and moisture-wicking technologies are some of the features provided with our comforters and quilt covers to ensure your comfort.

Pillows and Cushion Covers:

The pillow plays a significant role in the quality of sleep you have. In our KHAS online store, the best quality pillow filling that we offer can be of various types such as Stuffed / filled pillow bed basics, and quilted filled pillow bed basics. They are the ideal option for both your head and neck. Moreover, our cushion covers add an additional layer of softness to your bed and thus you wake up feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Enhance Culinary Space With Kitchen Linen:

kitchen linens online

The kitchen is often considered the headquarter of a home, where women are mostly busy making delicious dishes and time flies rapidly. To improve the culinary experience, we must make sure that you would frequently browse through a new collection of items at online store. At KHAS, our collection of  kitchen linens online and in-stores are made for those who like to look great but also stay practical.

Napkin Set:

Each napkin set from our collection can make a dinner look pretty to any person who sees it, and that’s the idea behind the whole line. We offer various materials, colors, and designs these 6-piece napkin sets get your table from hard to more elegant and fancy. Form the weddings to dinner parties our table napkins are ideal for all the events.

Functional Place Mat:

Functional place mats are a must for any home, and to us at KHAS, we feel that convenience should not be at the cost of design. Built of top-notch materials, our place mats are the best and most durable ones that would protect your table from any liquids, stains, and heat. By just selecting special designs, kids can get in on the act and create more colors in the eating area.

Pretty Table Runner:

A stylish table runner is a must-have for all appealing dining decors, and it is a decision of ours at KHAS that no compromise in the quality and class of your dining area will be made. A part of our table runner collection is made from fine-quality materials, creating an atmosphere of luxury and security while last but not least at all it prevents spills and stains. Be prompted for some change with different shades and patterns while our table runners function to set the tone for the meal.

Create a Cozy Nursery With Baby Bedding Sets:

baby bedding sets

For caregivers, it's their top priority to make a cozy and safe nursery for their babies. KHAS is the ideal choice for moms, as they can find baby bedding sets at a convenient price both online and in-stores and you know that the designs are stylish and playful including comfort of babies from all aspects. 

Adorable Blankets:

Offered in an array of vibrant colors and printed patterns, our baby blankets are made out of the snuggest, 100 % cotton fabric that is gentle not only on your baby's tenuous skin but also on yours too. A color that matches the sky and has repetitive motifs with a very simple look is an excellent choice. So, select one of the most pretty, playful and soft baby blanket for your kid. 

Comfortable Bed Throw:

Safety the number one priority when it comes to baby bedding, and our baby bed throws are guaranteed to give the best comfort and protection for your lovely little one. Our baby bed throws are made of breathable and soft materials; the softness of which makes them very delicate on the baby's skin. The throws are suitable for wrapping your baby and creating comfort and coziness during his/her playtime or nap time. These snuggle-up designed and toned babies bed throws and cribs bring a source of comfort to the baby's room and the perfect environment.

Baby Cot Sets:

To have coherent decor, our baby cot sets will supply you everything you need to compile a nursery, a nice and complete one. The available baby cot sets are accompanied by,  comforter, flat sheet, bumper, pillow, cushion, and even neck roll. For different nursery styles, KHAS's baby cot sets are available in various designs and theme.


Remodeling your place is a delightful adventure and we are here to make the journey even more exciting for you by our KHAS online store. We can help you with our wide range of stylish bed sets, kitchen linen, and baby bedding sets, to convert your living space into a paradise of style and comfort. Carry out stress-free online shopping at KHAS and enjoy the great quality, ease, and grace. All your home decorating needs can be fulfilled with just one click. Our user-friendly website, with the optional cookie policy, allows you to have an interesting experience to find exactly what you want, and our SSL encrypted payment gateways allow for secure online shopping at KHAS.