Weekend Comfy Style by KHAS- Best Online Shopping in Pakistan

Weekend Comfy Style by KHAS- Best Online Shopping in Pakistan

Shopping for women's clothes online can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. To make the most of your weekend shopping spree, it's essential to start by making a list of what you need and checking your budget. In recent times, there has been a growing trend of people embracing a blend of ethnic and contemporary styles. The demand for fusion ready to wear has increased in our fast-paced world, where individuals seek to honor their cultural heritage while maintaining a modern appearance. By incorporating both Eastern and Western influences, one can achieve a unique and fashionable look by KHAS, the best clothing brand in Pakistan

At KHAS, we offer a diverse range of fusion fashion options to young girls for their weekends and even other working days as well. Our collection includes maxi, pret kurtis, typography shirts, and versatile 2-piece suits, allowing you to infuse a modern twist into traditional clothing or vice versa. Our contemporary pants exemplify fusion wear, as they combine contrasting elements to create a stunning effect. Similarly, our 3-piece sets adorned with traditional embroidery showcase the fusion fashion trend. 

For all your fusion fashion for weekend casual to semi formal get-to-gathers, parties, movie plans with friends, and much more need to choose KHAS Stores and discover the perfect harmony between tradition and modernity. You can easily find your desired trend by visiting our online store. 

Elegant Yet Trendy 1-Piece Kurties:

If you are looking for a stylish pret kurti, we must tell you that in recent times, there has been an increasing preference for short kurtis among young girls due to their convenient nature. These fashionable tops are ideal when paired with a simple pair of denim jeans, making it effortless to choose your outfit for the day. They are particularly convenient for young women who are always on the go, whether it be for university or the office. 

At KHAS, we provide a wide selection of kurtis in various colors and styles. Whether you prefer tops, short frock style shirts, or asymmetrical shirts, we have something to match your style at our online and in-store. These versatile tops can easily be mixed and matched with your basics, allowing for endless outfit possibilities throughout the season. 

If you are a fan of solid-colored tops with intricate motif embroidery or printed tops featuring tropical designs, you need not look any further than KHAS before starting your weekend. Our collection has it all. We invite you to explore KHAS’s pret kurties collection and discover the latest releases. So, prepare to enhance your style and embrace the comfort and elegance of our trendy ready-to-wear kurtis. 

pret kurties collection

The Layout Shirts are a Great Way to Express Yourself: 

In today's society, young ladies, especially working women, are eager to convey their emotions, thoughts, and preferences through their clothing choices. One popular method of doing so is by wearing shirts with abstract or geometric designs. These shirts serve as a powerful tool for expressing one's beliefs and interests. For example, someone wearing an abstract geometric or even a girly image displays their love for that particular theme.

KHAS, a fashion brand, has decently incorporated this modern trend into their latest collection of pret clothing for women. These layout shirts collection feature basic designs that add an ethnic flair to the overall appearance. This combination of traditional and contemporary elements creates a unique and captivating style. So, enjoy your weekend in your own favorite style. 

Pretty Pari Maxi:

Maxi or Midi dresses have become extremely popular in fusion fashion, combining traditional and ethnic prints with modern cuts. These dresses are not only trendy, but they also provide a convenient option for days when you want to look put together with minimal effort, especially for your weekend plan.

When you want to make a statement without much effort, extended maxi options in your lovely and favorite prints and patterns are the perfect choice. KHAS offers a fantastic collection of dresses for the upcoming season, made from light and airy fabrics in a range of vibrant colors that will instantly enhance your wardrobe.

But what about those unpredictable winter days? Don't worry, you can still wear your favorite maxi. Simply layer it with a leather jacket or cozy cardigan to elevate your look and add a touch of sophistication. That’s the best way to enjoy your weekend parties with your friend circle. 

There's no need to wait. Embrace the fusion fashion trend and get ready to impress with your effortlessly chic style. Start shopping now to find the perfect maxi to enhance your wardrobe. Jeans and sneakers are the best pairing for this long maxi collection. 


Exciting news! The highly anticipated ready to wear clothes include an incredible 2-piece collection that is easy to style. Pair them with and let the statement lightweight staple shawls shine on your weekend gatherings. For all your fashion needs, visit KHAS’s online and in-store. It's a treasure trove of clothing ideas for any occasion. Our online shopping service is the best online shopping in Pakistan that you will ever experience because the payment options include cash on delivery or bank payment, making it convenient for you. 

KHAS’s website is constantly updated with the latest fashion fusion trends. Whether you need a kurti or a dress, their online store has it all. And remember, the most important thing is to have fun with your out next weekend.