Enjoy The Rich Pigments of Chiffon Dresses Presented By Khas Stores

Enjoy The Rich Pigments of Chiffon Dresses Presented By Khas Stores

Other than silk, chiffon is made of cotton and synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. Today, polyester is by far the most common material. These blends provide a wider price range and a range of fabric characteristics. Crepe yarns made with s-twist and z-twist are tightly twisted, giving them a slightly rough texture. Then, yarns are woven together into a plain weave with a single weft/warp pattern.

As you know, the chiffon fabric is one of the trendiest and most likable fabrics to be worn by women, not only in Pakistan but around the world. It may be very flowy and drapes well, which makes it an outstanding cloth for sewing frocks, maxis, saries, and different formal and semi-formal clothes. 

That is why Khas Stores is always in practice to bring matchless chiffon dresses collection for Pakistani ladies around the world which are usually affordable to buy online and in-store, in which the range is pretty good and you can store from a big selection. 

Khas Stores’ chiffon collections are for numerous kinds of occasions of celebration so that you may put on clothes that might be organized during the mid-year season. That is why at Khas Stores our designers spend a lot of hours on these alluring chiffon dresses to make them the most important part of your closets.

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Slay with the Luxury Outfits by Khas Stores

Have a look at what is inside Khas Stores’ Closet:


This dreamy coloration of poppy plum is a have-to-have in your formal wardrobe. The regal shirt and dupatta are both decked with heavy thread work in azure blue and rubicund, the acute of femininity and elegance. The sequin detailing on it is going to make you sparkle at your formal events. This piece gives a whole lot of praise to your fashionable appearance. The embellishment is trying to paint and improve the outfit`s regal look. This embroidered luxury chiffon dress is crafted with the finest threads for well-being. Women can wear this dress at special events like weddings, engagement dinners, even on Eid, etc.


This elegant outfit is the best combination of a light aqua base which has décor with the finest mild dark aqua to keep it more sophisticated and cooler. There is no age difference will be found in what is wearing. The embroidery features the most beautiful architectural effects from the Mughal era. This breathtaking ensemble can be considered one of the first-class ladies’ formal chiffon dresses in Khas Stores' royal luxury 3-piece chiffon dresses collection of 2022. If you're really searching out a fantastic Pakistani heavy overstated and embroidered get-dressed, this first-rate piece is then genuinely your pinnacle pick. 

This chiffon shirt has been matched which incorporates with identical chiffon dupatta. The minimal touch of tilla and thread embroidered mixture gives both the shirt and dupatta a shimmer-crafted look. The splendor of this outfit is its soft color palette which matches the personality of an elegant lady.  We have a pair of dyed grip trousers with it.   


This breathtaking ivory tone in a long maxi will catch your heart. But you can give it a shape according to your own choice as well. We at Khas Stores have displayed this article for those who give preference to light themes.

This definitive chiffon dress with modern detailing could be a show-stopper for you. These outstanding chiffon dresses outfit are so amazing that we cannot decide which details to talk about first, as the dress has a lot of astonishingly heavy work of different artisan patterns.

This conventional ivory-colored base is festooned with pleasant and complicated embroidery, Sitara, and tilla work can be seen everywhere on its shirt, which makes you stand out from the crowd.

The soothing sample and the fringed detailing on the sleeves give the outfit a present-day look. You can beautify yourself more in these formal chiffon dresses to get dressed both at all kinds of celebrations in mid-season or can even be worn in early wintry weather events. 

The backside captivates all of the eyes with the in-fashion embroidered sample. It is paired with a twin-shaded net dupatta and grip trousers. Turn the heads round by means of sporting silver earrings alongside a conventional bun and hair add-ons on.

So, we can say that chiffon brings a touch of elegance to any setting, from clothing attire to home décor. But when you go out to attend formal occasions and really want to make it memorable, then you must try KHAS’s chiffon dresses because we think that sewing with chiffon is relatively simple. Now we easily find our store anywhere in the world and make some elegant purchases at Khas Stores.