Khas Best Bedsheet Collection | Online Bed Set Shopping Pakistan

Khas Best Bedsheet Collection | Online Bed Set Shopping Pakistan

Get Your Hand on the Exclusive, Budget-friendly Bedding Options from Khas Bedsheet 2020 Collection

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Bedsheet

To feel more productive during the day, one needs to sleep in a comfortable bed. We often tend to underestimate the importance of a quality bedsheet. For many people, bedsheets may simply look like a piece of cloth that is used to wrap around your mattress. However, they hold more value than we think they do. They cuddle you, relax you and help you drift off to a peaceful and deep sleep only if they feel good. Khas realizes the value of having just the right bed sheet and brings to you bedsheets in different textures, prints, designs and colors, so you can choose the ones perfect for your home.



As bedsheets are mostly the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning, and the last when you close your eyes for the night, so they should be aesthetically pleasing. You will love to wake up to a nice-looking bed sheet stretched on your bed. They play a major role in setting up the mood to kick off your day in a refreshing manner and to end them on a relaxing note. You will all agree how pleasurable it is to come back home from a long, tiring day at work and look at the bed with a neatly spread bed sheet welcoming you. All you will want to do is dive in and relax. That is the role of a good bedsheet!

A Diverse Range of BedSheets 

If you want to create the perfect ambiance for your room, you need to invest in a good quality bed sheet that goes with the color scheme and decor of your room. No matter how expensive a bed is, it can only look beautiful if it's complemented with a classy bedsheet. 



Do not worry, as our fabulous bedsheet sale offers you a wide range of options to choose from, without putting a dent on your pocket. From minimalistic style neutral tones, modern design sheets, to formal ones, we have a vast color palette to match with the theme of your room. Our versatile collection of luxurious embroidered bed sheets is also very popular among clients to be used as wedding gifts.


Children need some kind of attraction to sleep in their own beds. And what can be a better attraction for them than sleeping on their favorite cartoon characters’ bed sheets? So do not waste time and avail the best deals from our bedsheet sale online. With your favorite sheet on the bed, you will enjoy your bedtime like never before.

Time to Revamp your Bed Set

Do you think that there is no room for creativity in your bedroom? Think again. Our team has come up with some unique and innovative designs that would help you give your bedroom a makeover. Just click on our website and browse through our bed sheet sale online and let your creativity flow. There are plenty of ways to add a fun touch to your room by adding just the right bedding accessories to your bed set. From cushion covers to pillow covers, we have everything to ensure that your room looks ravishing. We also have some comfortable and cute cushion options you can select to add to your bed set.



Khas’s designer bedsheets range is ideal for a newly married couple. These consist of embroidered and printed sheets made with the best quality material. As the new couple embarks on a new journey and sets up their own home or room, a good quality and aesthetically pleasing bedsheet would set up the tone for the whole room.

We also have a little less formal option for all the youngsters. Our single bedsheet size fits perfectly on a typical single bed. You can set a cool vibe for the room by selecting funky and bright colors. Whether you prefer solid and powerful colors, or pretty floral designs, you can select any kind of style from the comfort of your home. Maybe it is time to change the old and boring bed sheets and add a pop of color, so get going and replace them with something a little more fun and creative? Click away right now and enjoy great discounts from our ongoing sale.

Comfort is Our Priority

It has often been the case that when it comes to bedsheets, those that look pretty, are usually never comfortable to sleep on, and those that are comfortable, look boring. Khas will change that experience, by providing you with high quality products that are not only comfortable to use, but are pleasing to the eye as well. Worldwide, hotel bedding is known to be so soft and comfortable, that one sleeps like a baby. Khas aims to provide you with the same level of comfort right in your own room. Our bed filling gives your back muscles just the right kind of support, to give you the sound sleep that you most definitely deserve. The bed fill helps you wake up fresher and with a feeling of being well rested.

Go through our website and select the bed sheet set that fits your preference. For adults, we have the double bedsheet size. You can pair it with a matching quilt cover set, which is ideal for winters. Bright-colored kids bedsheets are also available for single beds, along with separate quilt covers. Boys and girls can select their favorite animated sheets and make their room look like a place they have always dream of. 



Along with different designs and patterns, you can also choose the material you like best for your sheets. We have 100% cotton bed sheets which are best for summers, as they are light and airy. Some of the formal options include the smooth as silk material which feels great next to the skin. 

Order from Khas for an experience like never before. Do not miss out on the amazing deals and get your favorite sheets now. You will love sleeping on them for sure. You deserve to enjoy your bed, and the ultimate pleasure of sleeping, and we aspire to serve you the best.