KHAS Stores Offers Men's Shalwar Kameez Online Eid Shopping

KHAS Stores Offers Men's Shalwar Kameez Online Eid Shopping

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Who is still looking for a dress for this Eid? Don't be afraid to experience new trends and fashions. During the early Eid congregational prayers, we understand that the go-to menswear style is to wear a clean white shalwar kameez or a sleek black kurta shalwar. KHAS Stores provides you with a diverse choice of fabrications and colors to pick from this year. While basic white and black are ageless, it never hurts to experiment with new colors.

Muslims celebrate Eid after fasting for the entire month of Ramazan. Family and friends gather to celebrate and spend time together. Most people like to bring their loved ones around for supper or lunch, while others prefer to meet at their much-loved places. On this day, people dress up for Eid namaz and festivities in new clothes and accessories to completely enjoy God's gift. These are five items to buy during Eid to complete your style for men.

EID is an exceedingly exciting festival for both men and women in Pakistan, not only because of the festivities and traditions that are packed with love and culture but also because of the collections of Eid dresses released by the country's top companies and designers. Men's Eid dress in Pakistan is classic, straightforward, and perfectly dashing for the occasion, and this year's KHAS’s new styles will not disappoint you.

Fabric Matters to Pick for This Event

The first step in creating stylish Eid clothes this summer season 2023 is to choose a high-quality fabric. There are various to choose from in our men unstitched fabrics. Eid has finally arrived in the summer season, allowing you to discover numerous fabrications. Wash & Wear and cotton men's collection are something most men prefer the most during Eid. We've all displayed at our online store and as well as in-stores to check from. Thus, this Eid, check out a variety of fabrications and choose the one that best suits you. We propose that you forego the conventional simple wash-and-wear suit and instead choose one of the gent's shalwar kameez designs.

Stylish Men’s Shalwar Kameez- Wear It Now, Get Proud of It

When it comes to Eid shalwar kameez for men in Pakistan, a sophisticated pair of shalwar kameez is always a fantastic go-to, and the color palette this year is just stunning at KHAS. Appealing tones of sage, violet, crimson, and rust produced a color palette that nicely complimented textiles like cotton, lawn, cambric, and wash n wear, in the Men's Eid Collection 2023 in Pakistan from KHAS has already been displayed.

For the first day of Eid, a properly ironed, breathable shalwar kameez is a must-have. Wearing clean shalwar kameez to Eid prayers is a sunnah, hence most people choose to do it on the first day of Eid. Men fab shades like beige, brown, white, blue, and grey for Eid because they are fresh and simplistic.

Men's Eid Collection 2023

Few Individuals Are What We Do- Men’s Kurta Shalwar

An eye-catching kurta as well as a pair of straightforward and stylish trousers, such as shalwar, or straight-cut trousers are also widely worn on the unique occasion of Eid. Although most Pakistani men prefer to wear their kurtas plain, beautiful embroidery at the neckline typically appeals to them during the Eid festivities.

KHAS’a has planned to give you the best option in stitched men’s Kurta Shalwar in two basic shades white and black which is the most demanding among men. If you don't have time to visit your tailor and have the unstitched suits stitched, look into KHAS’s stitched version. On Eid, a classic white or black kurta shalwar or shalwar kameez pattern never fails to impress. It is the safest and most popular choice among males on Eid. The clear and crisp color represents purity and honesty, and it's a great way to celebrate Eid following the holy month.

Tie Up With Elegant Waistcoats

Finally, add a crisp waistcoat in classic colors to your Eid attire. A waistcoat is a wonderful accessory to wear on Eid and on a daily basis; it adds grace to the outfit and makes the wearer stand out. A waistcoat goes well with both men shalwar kameez and kurta trouser designs. Here at KHAS, you can spruce up your Eid look by adding a matching and best-contrast collection in Men’s waistcoats segment. We have showcased our classy collection both in-store and online for your ease.


So, don’t waste more time to think where we can go for men’s Eid shopping. Eid is just about to reach so give your best look at the different options offered by KHAS. We are still offering online service delivery all around Pakistan. If you don’t have time to rush to our walk-in store, then right now click on our online store at Our Eid sale is also live with flat 40% | 20% off. So,

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