Make Some Possible Changes With KHAS’s New Summer Collection 2024

Make Some Possible Changes With KHAS’s New Summer Collection 2024

Finally, wrap up your bulky winter outfits and embrace the warm sunshine with open arms. It's time to revamp your wardrobe with trendy, vibrant pieces that will rejuvenate your style. This season, we at KHAS are planning to reintroduce beloved classics with a modern twist, and we have handpicked the most stylish street fashion trends to match your needs in spring/summer to ignite your inspiration. We know you must be waiting for the new summer collection of 2024

We are ready to introduce our - Summer Dresses Online and in stores, where fashion intertwines with liberation. We want to immerse you in a delightful medley of hues, blossoming prints, and lively shades. From elegant flowing dresses to cozy shirts, breezy-fit trousers, and fashionable button-down shirts crafted from a lightweight and breathable fabric known as LAWN, our eastern wear collection is tailored to keep you looking chic and feeling comfortable as the mercury rises.

Let's try to re-set your wardrobe for the hottest summer trends of the year and stay one step ahead in fashion.

Here Is A Confusion

What kind of Pakistani dress design should I add to my wardrobe for summer?

Yes, it is hard talk for women of all ages whenever they want to make a change, not even in summer but each new season; we have some suggestions for you.

Lawn Suits: Embrace the lightweight and breathable nature of lawn fabric shalwar kameez, perfect for those scorching summer days in Pakistan. Elevate your style with vibrant colours and floral prints, which we offer as the go-to choices for a fashionable summer.

Kurta with Straight Pants: Get the perfect blend of comfort and style with cotton or lawn kurtas paired with straight pants. Customize your dreamy look with an unstitched collection with various necklines and sleeve lengths to suit your preference.

Lightweight Dupatta: If you prefer a dupatta, choose one crafted from light fabrics like chiffon or organza. These fabrics provide coverage without adding extra weight or warmth to your ensemble.

Angrakha Style Dresses: Step into traditional Pakistani fashion with Angrakha-style dresses. Featuring a cross-over neckline with tie-ups, these dresses not only exude elegance but also allow for better airflow, making them ideal for summer.

Short Kurtis with Capris: Stay on-trend and comfortable with short kurtis paired with capris or cropped trousers. Choose lightweight fabrics and vibrant colours to beat the heat in style.

Pakistani Palazzos: Elevate your summer wardrobe with palazzos made from breathable fabrics like cotton or lawn. Pair them with short kurtis or long shirts for a chic and comfortable look.

Cap-Sleeved Dresses: Keep cool during those scorching summer days with cap-sleeved dresses. Look for intricate embroidery or applique work to add a touch of elegance to your outfit at our available options in stores and online.

Light Embroidery or Applique Work: Choose dresses with delicate embroidery or applique work instead of heavy embellishments. This adds a touch of traditional charm to your ensemble without weighing it down. At KHAS, We always consider all tastes and needs of the hour.

Summer Shawls or Stoles: Consider adding lightweight summer shawls or stoles to your wardrobe for cooler evenings or indoor events. Use breathable fabrics like chiffon or silk in vibrant colours and prints to enhance your style.

These are the options which you can opt for to make a trendy yet stylish summer wardrobe, and hopefully, we will be successful in delivering the detailed guidelines.

Ever Best Combination of Summer with Floras

New Summer Collection 2024

Floral dresses are known for their feminine and elegant appeal, and we offer a range of silhouettes for different occasions in available summer fabric online and in-store. If you're attending a charming summer garden party, our classic dresses are perfect. Pair them with heels, soft eye makeup, and a rosy blush for a complete look.

On the other hand, if you're going for a casual day out, our flared casual dresses are ideal. Combine them with comfortable sneakers, flats, and vibrant pink lipstick to create a fun and playful vibe.

This year, the HASS motto is to celebrate the arrival of spring with you by embracing the popular floral trend. In our latest KHAS summer lawn collection, you will find floral pieces that allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature in various ways. Whether you prefer delicate 2-pcs, 3-pcs or flowy single shirt pieces, we have something that will suit your taste. Regardless of your style, our floral patterned collection is designed to bring freshness and vibrancy to your wardrobe. So don't hesitate to embrace the floral trend and let your style bloom this season.

Why Not Abstract?

Discover the KHAS’s New Summer Collection 2024 of women's abstract designs, where the worlds of art and fashion collide in a seamless fusion of imagination and elegance. We will surprise you with an exciting and vibrant essence of summer with our thoughtfully curated assortment of abstract prints, each attire narrating its distinctive tale through vivid hues, dynamic patterns, and captivating motifs. From graceful dresses to stylish tops and versatile bottoms, our collection presents many choices for every occasion and individuality. Whether basking in the sun by the beach or attending a glamorous summer gathering, our abstract designs enhance your ensemble with a contemporary yet timeless allure.


Embrace the essence of summer and make a bold statement with our latest summer collection of women, where each piece is a wearable masterpiece awaiting its moment to shine. Now, you can easily attract others with a new wave of trend and style with KHAS’s upcoming series of Summer dresses online and in-store. Keep visiting.