New Trouser Designs: The Best Pairing with Tops

New Trouser Designs: The Best Pairing with Tops

Women wear trousers are common in casual and formal for every day and they are an integral part of our wardrobes. The trousers are essential for women's comfort and style. There are many types of trousers for women, such as cigarette pants, straight, cotton pants/trousers and solid texture trousers, Ghrara, Shararas, Bail bottoms, Wide leg trousers, and much more. 

All age women choose their favorite type of trousers based on their needs. These trendiest trousers are made from many different fabrics, such as cotton, denim and chicken, chiffon, and so on. These trousers help define feminine approaches for these fashion-lover ladies.

KHAS has given a choice to pick a trouser for a classy pairing 

The bottoms category on KHAS is quite constructive, striking, and comprehensive. Whether they belong to the western or eastern style, KHAS is the place to find all kinds of new trouser designs. The fabric selection is very wide, and bottoms are available in silk, grip, cambric, cotton, and more. For your everyday needs, there are plain ones; for more formal occasions, there are embroidered or even stylish cut ones. When worn with solid shirts or to liven up an everyday outfit, some have exquisite needlework that is finished with tile or some other kind of embellishments.

A diverse collection is now in your hand

Eastern trousers are usually incorporated better with the greatest options of your tops and eastern kameez in any design. To match your printed dresses, you can purchase basic cambric and cotton trousers in a variety of shades, as well as embroidered and formal pants that have distinctively elaborate embroidery, lace trimming, or net finishing. We have showcased printed bottoms in our KHAS store that you may add to your closet to make a fine match with plain shirts and frocks.

For all of your festive demands, ladies' silk, and taffeta trousers are also available. Then there are western stitching style trousers, which are popular and in high demand year-round. You may find structured new trouser designs for all of your power clothing requirements in one location.

Embroidered formal trousers

Embroidered trousers or shalwar have their own unique ethnic identity and are a classic example of eastern wearing. Even if modern Pakistani ladies opt for tights or pants for their matching requirements, trouser's beauty and elegance are unequaled. Other it's a known truth that some ladies still favorite pairing their kurtas and seasonal eastern clothing with embroidery trousers. KHAS is giving you an open choice in this category. These gorgeous bottoms in threadwork can be found at KHAS's store in silk, pure taffeta, and jacquard varieties. Some of them even contain stunning lace or fascinating Sitara needlework.

Casual cotton for all

Instead, then buying a pair of trousers or shalwar for each suit or dress separately at the start of the season, you can invest in regular staple trousers. Interpretation: Invest in a few high-quality white and black cotton trousers instead of buying one pair for each of your yards Jora, and you will be prepared for your summery pastel dresses in general. Dark, white, and beige trousers, are considered the essential pair of tops, particularly in the summer.

At KHAS, you may easily shop for the desired look with any of the available tight and broad options in eastern trousers. You can do this by choosing this trendiest collection with a specific cut and detailing of intricated laces, just as some dresses want a fluid shape while others desire a tightened look. KHAS has provided this option so you may pick a certain pair of this bottom in a particularly tight or wide cut to make this problem simple for you.

Affordable Print Western Style Patterns

Wide-leg trousers, cigarette bottoms, tie pants, plain, striped, and sparkly trousers are just a few of the popular options that are already available. Given how many working women choose professional attire, trousers make a fantastic addition to anyone's wardrobe. Additionally, KHAS provides fantastic options on the spectrum, with an ever-growing number of women searching for high-quality and affordable printed western-style straight trousers.

We have everything, whether you want low-rise or high-rise trousers with a waist belt. Women usually like to wear these trousers for a more casual appearance, and to satisfy these customers, we are offering a frequently updated collection of young women's printed trousers that features colored, striped, and better fabric quality.


So, in the end, all we want is to see you in our store to get your basic to fashionable formal bottoms. Because KHAS Stores always gives its loyal and regular buyers additional consideration. In every category of bottoms, our team and we always work to introduce fresh trends. Spend no more time second-guessing. Discover the perfect match in new trouser designs for your favorite tops and fashionable shirts.