Vase – Beauty that Shines

Provide your home the finishing touches it needs to really come to life with a fanciful range of decorative Decorum accessories from KhasStores. When we accessorize our home we are actually saying something about who we are and the kinds of things we like. We suggest mixing together the old traditional and the new modern type of Decorum items to create an eclectic look for your home. We have some interesting finds in our collection to help you along the way.

Bring some greenery into your home with an eccentric range of fabulous Vases, Planters and hanging baskets from KhasStores. Our Vase sets and Planters are the most impeccable way to display plants, flowers and cacti in your home and suit any room of the house perfectly, including bedroom, kitchen, lounge or dining room. Our remarkable range of both vintage and contemporary designs suit all kinds of interior colors and layouts, so whatever the taste or your home decor, we’re sure to have something that suits. All our Decorum items are made with strong long-lasting materials, just put them in somewhat safe places and enjoy their looks for the longest time possible.