Embroidered Cushion

Embroidered Cushion – The Ultimate Design When it comes to making your bedding stand out, cushions are a great opportunity to highlight the design element in the most elegant way. The Embroidered Cushion collection provides the most elegant Cushion Designs for the most formal looking bedding and bedroom layouts. Probably the best attribute with Embroidered Cushion designs apart from the traditionally elegant looks is the fact that the designs are not printed on them, which implies that there is no concern of the design fading away or getting dull with however many washes or any other rough usage of any type. The added benefit with Embroidered Cushion Covers is you can match the base color with the rest of the bedding and the color of the embroidery itself can be used to complement the main color or even match it with other surrounding items. The main color or design theme of the entire bedding can be as good as anything, but you will still need to compliment it in order to make it stand out and leave a mark on the viewer. For that very purpose the Embroidered Cushion designs provide the best suiting option. They are small and elegant and can be made to look whatever way you think is best to compliment the whole look of the bedding layout. At Khas we realize how something as small as the cushion can make the difference when it comes to making the bedding look astonishing, that is why we design our Embroidered Cushions with the most adequate care and attention that they deserve. All our Cushion Covers with embroidery designs are designed in a way that the embroidery is long lasting and doesn’t lose color or shine for the longest time possible. We also make sure that our Cushion Designs are the most unique and the materials used in their manufacturing are the best quality available, ensuring the highest level of comfortable feel and outstanding finish quality. Don’t wait for ideas to make your bedding pop out, take a look at our popular Embroidered Collection and either match or contrast the best design available for your bedding layout and you will not have to worry about the quality of the product or the services we provide. We set ourselves the highest level of product and service standards in the market and to comply to those standards is the aim at KhasStores. Getting the Embroidered Cushions of your preference has never been easier, at Khas we have introduced our industry leading Online Shopping in Pakistan service, which aims to provide the highest level of satisfaction regarding both the product quality and service standards. Utilizing our Online Shopping services in Khas cities does not require you paying anything other than the price of the products you choose on any of our bedding products, no point in looking for Cushion Covers elsewhere, we provide the best quality service and products at market competitive prices ensuring our clients get good value for their money with all our products.


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