Rs.1,999.00 from Rs.1,799.10


Rs.1,999.00 from Rs.1,199.40


Rs.1,399.00 from Rs.699.50


Rs.1,999.00 from Rs.999.50


Rs.1,399.00 from Rs.699.50


Rs.1,999.00 from Rs.999.50


Rs.1,299.00 from Rs.649.50

Mughal Empire

Rs.1,299.00 from Rs.649.50


Rs.1,399.00 from Rs.699.50

Lavender Romance

Rs.1,499.00 from Rs.749.50

Tulle White

Rs.949.00 from Rs.380.00

Orient Dynasty

Rs.1,049.00 from Rs.419.60

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Bridal Bedding – Making the Occasion More Special

Casual or regular formal pattern bed sheets might provide great luxury and comfort on everyday occasions and fulfill most requirements adequately, but when the big day is considered, Bridal Bed Sheets specialize in providing the most suitable look and feel of the material. The Bridal Bed Sheet Design Ideas tend to provide that touch of romantic elegance along with the most comfortable feel and the bridal bedding sets make the whole layout look appropriate according to the needs of the occasion. Some of these bridal special bedding sets might look a bit expensive, but they are the right choice when it comes to making the big occasion look perfectly appropriate. Don’t believe anything those average brands sell you, Khas’s authentic Bridal Collection is here to serve your needs.

Regular bed sheets provide optimal comfort specially the higher thread count ones, but the Bridal Bed Sheets and bedding sets come with the adequate romantic feel to them, they have the most elegantly pleasure full and charming looking motifs and designs incorporated in them that make them look just according to the environment of the big day. Some of the bedding sets in Khas’s modern Bridal Collection come with the most astonishing Bridal Bed Sheet Design Ideas that are taken from the most royal tradition and combine to royal looks with modern luxury to produce the finest combination imaginable. The material used in the superior Bridal Collection at Khas is treated with utmost care and integrity that enables them to feel as good as they look. You would want to sync into the bed because of the ultimate pleasure the bedding accessories provide. We have many royal luxury Bridal Bed Sheet Design ideas in our proud Bridal Collection, if you are looking to enhance the charmed feel of you big day, look no further, the Khas superior Bridal Collection will provide you with the best Bridal Bed Sheets you can ever wish to find. There are a large number of selection ideas in our collection, no matter what color or design preferences you have, our collection will surely have something to suit your own personal preferences in the best way possible. The best part about our Bridal Collection bedding is that we provide outstanding products at reasonable competitive prices, you will not find a better deal for equal quality elsewhere, we pride ourselves in providing excellent products at market beating prices and this is what separates us from the average rest. To keep the Khas superior brand image in the eyes of our respected clients is our top priority.

Looking for the most elegant Bridal Bed Sheets and other bedding accessories online, Khas’s superior Online Shopping in Pakistan service is here to serve your needs. In our Khas cities we don’t charge anything extra for home delivery on bedding products, all you need to do is select your favorite color and design in the Bridal Collection and we will deliver it to your doorstep within no time through our Online Shopping service.