From Sunny Days to Stunning Ways, Weekend Cloths for Summer by KHAS

From Sunny Days to Stunning Ways, Weekend Cloths for Summer by KHAS

As the week flies by, we eagerly await the arrival of the weekend. And why wouldn't we? The weekend calendar is always filled with exciting brunch invitations, friends' parties, and a never-ending list of chores. But here's the real question: when you've made plans for the weekend, have you also decided on your outfit? Will you be donning the elegance of Eastern dress designs or opting for something from the realm of women's clothes for summer? The long-awaited weekend deserves to be celebrated in style, and your summer outfit should be a true reflection of that that’s why KHAS is here to pre-decide for weekend wardrobe setting. 

Get ready to embrace the summer season in style and soak up the sun-filled days and balmy evenings. Whether you're planning a get-together with family, attending a delightful dinner/brunch with officials, or embarking on an adventure with friends, KHAS's new summer collection 2024 has been showcased with a fabulous selection of outfits that effortlessly blend comfort, sophistication, and a hint of allure. Join us in this blog as we delve into some thrilling weekend activities and unveil the perfect ensembles for each occasion, all with the help of KHAS.

Get Ready for Sunday Brunch:

Do you have a plan to go out for a Sunday brunch? You must choose this cool yet glamorous attire. An effortless wearing 3PC printed unstitched lawn suit from KHAS. This fashionable ensemble includes a beautifully designed printed lawn shirt in a celery green shade, adorned with intricate patterns of leafy pattern for a touch of refinement. Matched with a sleek, dyed lawn trouser, this outfit strikes the perfect balance between elegance and comfort, making it an excellent choice for a laid-back brunch setting. 

Enhance your look with a stunning printed lawn dupatta in a geometric print theme that adds a touch of grace and fluidity. Whether you're enjoying with your family, and official colleagues or catching up with friends, this suit guarantees you'll make a statement with timeless allure and a fresh, summer-ready vibe. Pick this breezy summer fabric online or from the store and give it an ideal tailor shape.

Barbecue Bash Tonight: 

new summer collection 2024

It's time to impress at your summer barbecue with this light-hearted printed lawn-stitched shirt .This pret shirt from the new summer collection 2024 by KHAS. combines comfort and style effortlessly, with a delightful floral design in a soft pink shade that embodies summer. 

Made from airy lawn fabric, you'll feel cool and relaxed whether you're cooking or playing games. The loose fit allows for easy movement, ideal for achieving a casual yet chic appearance. Pair it with your favorite jeans or cotton trousers for a day of delicious food, fun, and sunshine in impeccable fashion. We, at KHAS have upgraded our stock with quite enchanting summer dresses online and in-stores. 

Have Fun with Friends: 

Your search ends here at KHAS for the perfect outfit for a fun weekend with friends. Look no further than the 2PC Unstitched Printed Lawn Shirt and Trouser. This ensemble is both playful and stylish, featuring a vibrant multi-floral print on a pale silver background. It's perfect for those sunny summer days when you want to socialize and have a great time. 

The best part? The unstitched lawn fabric allows you to tailor the fit to your preferences, ensuring both comfort and a personalized touch. We think kurta trousers are in trend, you can also make a twist by giving these available summer dresses online and in-store a decent frock and trouser theme or look more gorgeous in an oversized shirt with flowy trousers. The cheerful floral design gives off a joyful vibe, making it a great choice for any casual gathering, whether it's a picnic in the park or a laid-back evening at a friend's place. Embrace the season's spirit and let your style shine with this delightful outfit.

Having Formal Dinner: 

Cloth for summer

Ladies attention, please!!! Are you worried about perfect clothes for summer functions, especially when you have to get ready to dazzle at a formal dinner honoring a newlywed couple? With this exquisite 3pc embroidered unstitched lawn suit from KHAS. This ensemble is the epitome of sophistication, featuring a beautifully embroidered schiffli lawn shirt in chikan kari style in a rich brown shade that exudes timeless grace. Paired with a dyed lawn trouser, the outfit strikes a perfect balance of texture and color. The printed silk dupatta in olive green adds a luxurious touch and a vibrant pop of color. With this suit, you'll look impeccably stylish and elegant, ensuring the dinner celebration is truly unforgettable.

Relax Mood at Home: 

This Sunday indulge in the peaceful ambiance of your garden while enjoying evening tea in the stunning Printed Lawn Stitched Shirt from KHAS. This shirt, in the charming cold turkey hue, features a traditional print that seamlessly blends comfort and sophistication. 

Made from soft and breathable lawn fabric, it ensures you stay cool and at ease, making it ideal for relaxing moments at home. Whether you're lost in a book, sharing heartfelt conversations with loved ones, or simply admiring nature, this shirt's elegant design and calming color will elevate your look effortlessly. Pair it with a cotton trouser available in different shades at KHAS. Just click on the ladies' bottom section to book your online order. envision the tranquility of your garden retreat and savour every sip of tea in this effortlessly chic outfit.


So, after reading this blog, we hope that your weekend clothes for summer ideas will be finalized. KHAS's new summer collection 2024 is thoughtfully crafted with lightweight materials, bold hues, and trendy styles that are perfect for any occasion. Don't wait - embrace the season with KHAS and turn every weekend into a stylish adventure. We have displayed a matchless wide range of lawn dresses for ladies online and in-store at affordable prices so that you may truly enjoy your weekend with a perfect budget-saving technique.