Incredible Luxury Pret Collection at Best Ladies Clothing Brand KHAS

Incredible Luxury Pret Collection at Best Ladies Clothing Brand KHAS

Do you know that since a decade ago, KHAS has consistently been among the top-selling clothing brands in Pakistan? Women adore and prefer to shop from here since, without a doubt, the patterns and fabric quality are above average. Its capacity to accommodate the newest fashions and holidays also has a big impact. The most stunning and well-liked dresses from KHAS are always available, no matter what time of year it is or what festival is taking place.

So, the ladies, are you ready to explore the newest summer fashion 2023 with KHAS’s ready-to-wear luxury collection? It can be difficult to choose the best selections because there are so many on the market and fashion trends change quickly. The women who want to dress up in the most fashionable luxury prêt attire should once try the ladies unstitched suits KHAS. We in KHAS offer you a wide range of clothing choices for various summertime occasions. This clothing line is worth it because it offers the most comfortable and stylish wardrobe alternatives while also being very reasonable.

Come with us and browse this year's collection of luxury pret wear for the summer to see what we have in store for you.

Wear The Best Summer Kurtis By KHAS

Indulge in some distinctive-looking clothing this summer by shopping for the newest and most fashionable trends while there's still time. The most recent collection of ready-to-wear dresses at KHAS will unquestionably go well with your style and aid in creating a glam appearance.

For your wardrobe needs, these latest Pakistani dresses include some gorgeous shirt pieces as well as two- and three-piece suits. You can modernize your wardrobe by using numerous fabrics and styles, such as silk, cotton, cambric, and lawn, along with embroidery and other embellishments.

Drip In Class With Embroidery Pairs

lawn print online

In all seasons and at all times, embroidered Pakistani clothing is very popular. It is for this reason that KHAS offers such a wide selection of embroidered lawn shirts. These shirts significantly enhance the overall appearance of the outfit and give a sleek image thanks to their subtle finishing touches, such as designs and embroidery.

Our lawn print online offers a wide selection of lawn embroidered shirts that are suitable for semi-formal to formal events, including birthday celebrations, dinner parties, and many other festive occasions. Ladies, get prepared to unleash your inner diva in one of KHAS’s embroidered ready-to-wear attires for this Summer season 2023.

Be Bright In Elegant Features of Printed Collection

We are so happy to see that our lovely customers are always eager to find out at KHAS a sizable selection of printed shirts, suits, and other everyday clothing in a variety of fabrics. Once again this year you may now easily choose any of our printed shirts to match your needs in a reasonable price range, whether it's for a college function or a casual get-together with friends.

 A printed lawn shirt, a silk kaftan, a long dress, a printed lawn Kurti, or a cambric shirt are among the options available to you. You also have the choice to select bottoms from the prêt bottom collection to pair with these classy printed shirts. To quickly update your appearance and change it up, these printed shirts are a fantastic option for everyday wear.

Incredibly Unique | Silk Texture

Are you looking for the best silk at an affordable price? In that situation, KHAS is your best bet. You'd find a wide variety of styles and cuts, from printed silk shirts to long shirts, to add to your collection and improve your sense of style. Due to its lightweight and breathability, silk, which is regarded as a luxury fabric, is the fabric that Pakistani women prefer the most in both the winter and spring seasons.

This queen of textiles, which is appropriate for wearing to tea parties and similar events, can be found at KHAS Stores in a variety of styles and colors.

Pair With Matching Dyed and Embellished Trousers

When searching for a pair of basic matching colored trousers or trousers, Then KHAS is the first apparel brand that comes to mind. To locate trousers that go with every color or type of clothing and for any event, it has become the go-to place for women. There are so many ways for you to show off your style, including sheer edges, embellishments like pearls and sequences, embroidery, and more.

Get these sensational-looking dyed trousers into your closet right away and bid farewell to your plain-looking trousers. Also, you may get colored trousers in a variety of materials, including cotton, Khaddar, as well as Teffta for both casual and formal clothing.


So, you need to shop an incredible luxury pret collection at the best clothing brand in Pakistan KHAS to complete your wardrobe. A luxury prêt shirts collection of lawn, silk, and other fabrics are among the newest formal wear trends for 2023 set by KHAS. Hence, KHAS’s cost-effective and superior ready-to-wear formal assortment has you covered if you're pressed for time for an impending wedding event, a formal dinner, or any other celebratory event.