We enjoy selecting our home bedding with the same care and attention to detail that we do our outfits. And after glancing through KHAS’s current line of Home linen, it's clear that our team knows exactly what people want. As a result, our bed sheets collection contains a variety of designs for the entire family that is pleasing to the eye and instantly relaxing to feel and touch.

For spring/summer, the textile house has carefully picked prints that ooze peace and cheerfulness, inspired by nature and imaginative pattern play. The fabrics are made with special technology and organic certified quality standards to provide exceptionally soft, wrinkle-free, and long-lasting materials at a reasonable price. So it is the best time to complete your bedding collection shopping for new events with online shopping in Pakistan at KHAS Stores.

Conventional Bedding Collection by KHAS

KHAS Home offers gorgeous throw coverings and cushions in addition to bedding to enliven your area. KHAS Stores Home features realistic prints that combine classic block prints and painted designs with a new modern twist. The Home collection is separated into Luxury, Classic Comfort, Daily Bliss, Jacquard, and Kids' bedding variations.

On the other hand, KHAS’s luxury bedding has the best-grade silky smooth materials with embroidered accents and is specially designed for wedding elegance. They are generally designed in solid colors, such as natural whites and rich ruby and royal blues.

If you want to add a regal touch to your home, use a bold or elegant-colored bed. KHAS’s bedding sheet in beige, brown, or regal tones will speak of luxury and feel sumptuous while without clashing too much with other delicate décor components. But, arranging the bed in soft neutral, and pastel colors will brighten any room and create a sense of more space.

The Newest Set of Bedding for Comfort Sleeping

Kids Bed Sheets Online

Classic Comfort bedding is designed for everyday use, with a focus on soft fabrics and pleasing designs with contrasting colors for the duvet and sheets. The mix and match gives a contemporary look and allows you to pair the sheets and coverings in a variety of ways.

With matching sheet and duvet prints in a delightful mix of floral, graphic motifs, and nature imagery, KHAS aims for good quality and fair pricing. Each line employs the same technology to make fabrics that are easy to care for, soft, wrinkle-free, and environmentally friendly.

Jacquard is for the print-averse customer who prefers bedding in solid colors and subtle textures without sacrificing fabric quality.

KHAS’s kid's bedding collection is sure to be a hit with your kids as they enjoy lights out with glow-in-the-dark bedding. When you turn off the lights, some parts of the design sparkle, making bedtime exciting.

The KHAS’s home collection is now available in shops and online at; go ahead and stock up on your favorites while supplies last.

Festivals Celebrations With New Home Décor

Enhance your house decor this festive season with this creative decoration of KHAS. Even if this year's festivities do not include massive family reunions, the joyous atmosphere will undoubtedly be strong. Prepare to turn heads with these festive decoration ideas for your home presented by KHAS Stores in the bedding sheets collection.

As a result, adorning your home for festivals and family gathering days is a concept we can get behind. Renovating your home for all of these days is a great way to showcase the festive atmosphere in every nook and crevice of your home while also enjoying it for a little longer.

We have a wide range of bedding sheet collections for online shopping and as well as in stores at KHAS for the most famous celebrations and festive days like Eid, Weddings, and others in their different color pallet.

It's everything fresh and vivid, cheery yet comfortable. When we talk about a house improvement plan, we want to start at the bottom like bed sheets online collection. KHAS’s bedding collection can dramatically improve and modify the appearance of your room. Use bright, eye-catching hues to create a celebratory atmosphere in your room. This quickly lifts everyone's spirits in the room.


Remodeling your home every day includes updating each of your homes. Nothing refreshes your day like a KHAS HOME latest collection. KHAS Home's newest edit includes a variety of very soft, solid, breathable, and colorful printed and luxury Pakistan bed designs to upgrade your bedroom décor needs. To your delight, KHAS home's latest edit includes a variety of yarn-colored plain, embroidered, and digitally printed bed sheets for online shopping that will be ideal for the look you're striving for.