Khas 2020 Trends for Men | Pakistani Fashion Wear Online Shopping

Khas 2020 Trends for Men | Pakistani Fashion Wear Online Shopping

2020 Trends for Men in Pakistani Fashion Wear

Menswear in Pakistani clothing has come a long way since the early 2000s. Khas takes it to a whole new level with its graceful kurtas and fresh shalwar kameez collection. The latest trends in Pakistani fashion in the summer collection for men offered by our brand features outfits rich in tradition with stylish kurtas for men in all kinds of style and colors. 

Modern Men Keen to Experiment new Styles

When we talk about kurta design, we mean clothes that are not run of the mill, but unique and stylish. You cannot miss out on the elegant latest gents kurta designs that infuse tradition with contemporary trends. The nicest Khas gents kurtas now include a palette of pastel colours with light embroidery on the neck, cuffs and at times even the hem. We see a rising trend in men wearing embellished clothing so at Khas don’t be surprised to find shirts intertwined with geometric patterns and light embroideries. 

Pakistani dresses for men

For those who do not shy away from trying these embroidered kurtas there is a treat awaiting you. Take your pick and make your style statement. And those who do not want to step out of their comfort zone and want to stick to the solids, we have you covered as well. There are many sober neutrals as well in our new offerings.

Add Some Color to Your Wardrobe!

There is no longer a taboo about men wearing light or too bright colours which were once considered too feminine. We see boys and men of all ages adorning shades of purple, green, orange, yellow and even pink. As men are now boldly embracing feminine colours, patterns and embroidery, you can see a reflection of this in our new arrivals. Log on to our online shop and have a look at what is in store for you.

Online Shopping is Fun and Easy with Khas

Because of the ease of online shopping in Pakistan in Covid times provides, many customers now buy their attire from e-commerce stores. As online shopping becomes more and more common, more gents kurta designs are now approachable to everyone and anyone in Pakistan. You can explore our online shop and check the latest trends while sitting at your home. You will get what you order within a few days. The buying process is easy and return is also hassle free. So do not worry about any mishaps when shopping with Khas.

Khas Introduces Bold Colour Palettes and Stylish Intricate Embroidery Patterns

The trend in menswear fashion has now completely changed and embroidery has played a huge part in the overall aesthetics of the kurtas. Pakistani men once only wore clear distinctive wear divided into casual (with no design at all) and formal (that were not very different from casual, and at times when an attempt to make them different was made it came with flamboyant embellishments). But now, the tide is changing since most men are opting for a fashion statement even with their everyday kurtas. 

Graceful Embroidered Kurtas

Over the years, embroidered kurtas have become a staple on formal occasions. Be it Eid or a wedding now you see young men dressed in embroidered kurtas, which wasn’t such a hit trend a decade ago. Khas is among the leading brands to introduce new trends in menswear with its distinctive kurtas.

Pakistani kurta for men

The essence of our tradition can be seen in the new kurta styles introduced year after year, that modern men carry with confidence and grace. The latest kurta design for men we have are adorned with embroideries to contrast the neutral tone of the base colour. Khas new kurta designs for 2020 are fashioned in very delicate traditional patterns enhanced with delicate embroideries that look decent. Our elite fashion designers are setting new trends and leaning towards unorthodox patterns. 

Basic Colours and Black Win the Game

The Pakistani dresses for men, mostly shalwar kameez, are still preferred in basic and plain colours. Khas, however makes an effort to make the basic colour standout even in the dull murmur of the crowds with its unique touchings. Punjabi men prefer wearing bright colours such as shades of purple, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and red and we bring them all to you in high quality fabrics. 

The all time favourite colour for kurtas and shalwar kameez, however remains to be black and no collection is ever complete without it, so needless to say you will find it in our new collection too. Check the colorful palette Khas offers and you will definitely want to add these kurtas to your wardrobe, if you haven’t already! These bright colored shirts or neutrals (whichever is your choice) can be paired with straight trousers, pajamas or shalwars. This is quite a hit pairing in Punjab and in big cities.

Pakistani dresses for men

However, the Pakistani kurta for men in the other three provinces lean towards the neutral earth tones such as browns, beiges, greys, whites and blacks. The mens kurta designs Pakistani have been adding more and more colours to the national palette. The usual colours for shalwar kameez have always been earth tones, since the 60s and 70s, but not anymore! 

Changing Trends

Khas is among the leading brands to introduce new styles in menswear. The latest kurta design for men we have are adorned with embroideries to contrast the neutral tone of the base colour. 

Menswear, especially kurta design, has slowly evolved and blurred the line between elegance and a bold statement. Our traditional artisanship when it comes to fashion is now bleeding over into all genres and genders. We see lovely floral and geometric patterns now being boldly copied onto kurtas and kameezes. The latest kurta designs for men at Khas are quite impressive that reflect how far men’s fashion has come. 

Pakistani kurta for men

Pakistani mens kurta embroidery designs often come in simple geometric patterns or extremely intricate motifs that have traditional and religious symbolism. The band collar kurtas remain to be the most popular kurta style for the young ones and teenagers, whereas the older men prefer a proper collar with their kurta or kameez. The kurta styles for kids can have anything embroidered with bright colored pipings and buttons. The trending Khas kurtas fuse elements of the Western style with the traditional Eastern wear. 


As 2020 comes to a conclusion, the trends for menswear seems to be the same as the previous year with slight differences in the colour palette. The change in the men’s kurta and kameez styles has always been very timid and slow to evolution. However, the recent fusion of West and the unisex trend has significantly changed the styling, colouring and cuts. Men in Pakistan are now accepting towards trends that beautify their wardrobe in bright colours and bold embroidery. We have even seen Celtic knots being embroidered onto menswear. This is a trend that needs to continue so we can have a wide array of styles to choose from. Men are getting aware of their traditional fashion sense which was not a thing in the previous decades. When it came to being stylish, Pakistani men always chose Western attire to show off their sensibility. Now, the traditional dresses, kurtas and shalwar kameez, are changing into a signature style for the youth of Pakistan and Khas is playing its role to do that.