Khas Bed Sheets End of Season Sale | Bed Set Online Shopping Pakistan

Khas Bed Sheets End of Season Sale | Bed Set Online Shopping Pakistan

Transform Your Bedrooms into a Haven with Khas bedsheets

We all spend a lot of our time in our bedrooms and on our beds. We sleep here, snack here, watch television and relax. So the bedding has to be comfortable. Along with comfort, the aesthetics of the room must also be looked into. After all, the design or color you choose can have a powerful impact on your mood as well as the overall look and atmosphere of the room which is meant for relaxation.

Discover the Amazing Variety 

Khas bed sheets offer a lot of choices to suit your style, color or design preferences. You can find kids bed sheets, single bed sheets, complete sets, along with complementing quilts covers for your own master bedroom or for your children’s room. The huge variety is available online and you can easily look it up to choose anything you want from the vast assortment! 

The materials we use for our bed sheets/bed sheet sets are of the finest quality and you do not have to worry about the colors fading out with regular wash. Explore the largest collection of designer bed sheets and cotton bed sheets online. We have premium and basic sheets available at the most honest prices. We are proud to be among the leading brands providing the best quality Pakistani bed sheets

Let’s Upgrade Your Bedroom

With bed sheets you can easily upgrade your bedroom without having to spend too much. You must have noticed that when you change a bedsheet, the entire mood of the room changes. With fresh colored sheets the room can brighten up and with muted tones it gives a sober touch to the overall ambiance. If you choose the colors, textures and designs intelligently, you can create any mood for the room. 

For kids, go for  reds, oranges, blues and yellows to create a happy and cheerful room. For yourself it all depends on your taste and color scheme of the room. You just have to be smart about choosing the right sheets and of course needless to say go for excellent quality. This is where Khas comes in. When you spread out our bed sheets on your bed, they will speak for themselves. So let our bed sheets do all the talking, while you can enjoy their soft feel and the comfort they offer. 

The Practical Duvet Covers

We have just the right kind of sheets for every mood, in varied colors, textures, fabrics and styles. If you are a fan of duvet covers, then there is ample variety of these. Duvet covers are very practical as they protect your duvet or comforters from stains and spills that come with everyday use. These can be taken off and cleaned easily. You can machine wash them or wash with your regular laundry. Because of the convenience they provide, we see a trending shift towards women buying more of these every season. You can get some neutral shades that can go with your bed sets or bright fancy ones to suit your individual preferences. 

Beautifully Paired Quilt Sets

Now that the winters are approaching, the amazing quilt cover sets we have for you are enjoying their moment in the spotlight! The colors and fabrics are perfect for winters. We have complete sets so you need not worry about mix and match. Check out the latest designs and be ready to get cozy for the warm winters. 

Plush Bedding

Don’t we all love to sink in the soft beds of hotels the moment we enter and find the tidy sheets inviting us and promising uber comfort. Now you can create the same welcoming and cozy feel with Khas bedding in your home. Our top class bedding mimics hotel bedding in terms of comfort and style.

The bed fillings we offer are soft, warm and of the finest quality. You can find kids bedding and bedding for your queen or king sized bed. We have them for beds of all sizes. Just get the measurements right and select bed fills of your choice that will help you sleep better. Because the more the comfort, the better your sleep.

Fancy and Formal Bed Sheets

If you are newlyweds or are looking to give your bedrooms a royal touch, you can opt for magnificent formal bed sheets that we have and adorn them with our classic bedding accessories. A plain bed sheet with velvet cushions on it will create a stunning effect. The velvet fabric itself gives a royal look and feel. It is soft against the skin, hence the name velvet and often comes in deep, majestic colors like deep reds, purples, dark bright pinks and royal blues which add to the imperial look. We have quite a collection of these cushions; if you like them you will definitely be tempted to get more than one from our divine collection. Other than this, for a fancy and formal look you can also check our embroidered bed sheets that add the perfect decorative charm to the room. The intricate embroideries bring out the beauty of the luxurious bed sheets. 

Dress Up Your Beds and Sofas

And of course a bed always looks incomplete without throw cushions and some beautiful pillow coversSo make it welcoming with our plush cushions. And if you already have some, then check the exclusive range of cushion covers that come in all kinds of designs, patterns and color schemes. You can also purchase pillow covers separately in neutral colors that can go with many bed sets.

The Sale is On!

And here is some good news for Khas lovers! The brand just announced bed sheets sale. That’s right! The top class sheets are now available at discounted prices. Enjoy the lucrative deals and offers to make the most of the ongoing bed sheets sale online. Hurry up before the most attractive ones sell out. The sale won’t last forever. You can discover the entire range of bed sheets online and follow the simple instructions on our website to make them yours. It’s time to give your bedroom a new look and that too in a very easy and affordable way.